Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emaily approved for the Wave Samples Gallery

While we are still working on Emaily to make it usable for many people, I submitted it to the Wave Samples Gallery, because it can contain some code which would be usable for others, for example usage of guice in a robot and using the "proxyingFor" request field to determine the email address of an email user. The submission is just accepted a couple of minutes ago. Here is the entry for Emaily:

For people who want to use it: it can send emails, but it cannot receive answer yet. See my previous blog post on the usage.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

St Maarten airport (2004)

In St. Maarten, there is a beach behind the airport. We had a couple of hours there. The airplanes are landing just about 20 meters above our head.

But the takeoff is also interesting. I tried to record it into video (with a Fuji FinePix 5000), but the hot sand was so burning so that I had to hide behind the car after a couple of a second, so the end of the video resembles to a disaster-movie:

Another movie from the same place (landing, no my video):

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Emaily 0.0.2: Google #Wave now sends email - but lots of work ahead to make it usable

I'm happy to announce Emaily version 0.0.2, which now able to send email. This is the first time email can be sent from Google Wave.

But don't be too excited about that, it is still not too useful, it has a lot of limitations. The main problems are:
  • You cannot receive answer to the email yet.
  • There is no rate-limiting on emails: If you edit a blip and submit it, then it will immediately fire an email to the recipient. When you edit a blip and finish editing, it will send it again, etc. It is a pretty annoying user experience for a user who is participating on a constantly changing wave. This makes me a little bit cautious about publishing it too much, because if people will start spamming with this tool, we have to disable the it until we add some rate limiting to it.
How to test it

First of all, you have to do some work with the email address you want to send the email to:
  • Take it apart into two parts: username and domain (the separator is the @ sign), for example for the username is test and the domain is .
  • Add the to your contacts, in our example it would be
You have to do it exactly this way, it will probably won't work if you do it in an other way:
  • Open a new wave with the previously created contact. Don't add multiple email-contacts to the wave, it is not working yet as intended.
  • Write your message.
  • Click "Done."
The email will arrive to the recipient's mailbox, but he cannot answer to it yet.

You can return and edit the wave, add new blip to it, these operations will generate a new message.

We're working on adding the ability to receive emails, plus rationalize the outgoing emails somehow. A lot of work have to be done on make it more user-friendly also.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Swine flu: the media vs. other opinions

I got many emails, videos and documents about the Swine Flu antidote (TamiFlu) and the vaccine. I have no chance to check whether these are true or not, but there are a few things which are true for me:
  • I don't like the media, they usually concentrate on bad things. If there is one crazy lunatic in 1000 people, they will report it and state that everyone is a crazy lunatic, so everyone should be sent to jail.
  • I usually don't like the medicines, because they are trying to force something to your body, and they are usually suppressing the symptoms, not solving the root cause of the problem. Most of the time I did not think that using medicine is justified. Extraordinary cases of course can happen (painkillers after wisdom teeth operation, etc.).
  • Because of the reason above, I usually don't take medicine, just sometimes vitamins.
  • Medicines can have a lot of side effects.
  • I think the world as it is now is just simply crazy, and I don't believe that it is naturally like that. I saw people suppressed who just wanted to do some big and good thing. I feel that something is just not right.
  • Why a good doctor could not help a patient with cancer with his knowledge and why he asks the patient after a couple of months what she did with herself so that her results look very good? What did he studied for 10+ years?
  • Where is the homeopathic curing, which actually tried to handle the root of the problem? Why it is considered "alternative medicine"?
So far I got the following things:
Against these informations, there is the media, and that many people are in danger, many people died, etc.

So, everyone have to decide for himself what he thinks about this topic.

If you have any material about this topic, please post it to the comments.