Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Unscientific javascript test: Firefox 3.5, Safari, Chrome on Mac

Firefox has 3.5 recently released, and it claimed to contain a faster javascript engine than its predecessor.

Safari, Chrome also contain fast engines, so I decided to give them a try: which one is faster?

Chrome Experiments contains fun stuff in JS, so I used that. Note, that I am using a MacBook Pro for testing on a Mac OSX because that is my work computer. Note also that watching javascript animation is totally not a scientific speed test. :)

I chose the Depth of Field experiment, which requires a lot of calculation.

For FF 3.5, the result was not really enjoyable, it had an average of 1 frames per second on the first 32 second of the animation: I counted around 35 frames altogether. On Safari, it was around 70 frames, on Chrome, it as around 80 frames.

I think the result is obvious without any nifty graphs. :)

Chrome for Mac is not really a production-level software yet, but it can be usable pretty well for javascript-heavy applications like GMail, Google Calendar, or any other sites, except the ones that use Flash (Youtube for example), since there is no plugin support yet.

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