Friday, September 11, 2009

What did you do at 09:09 09.09.09?

Something to remember: 09:09 09.09.09 was a special moment, and we won't have that special moment in this life any more (Update: thanks for Sorin, who pointed out that it is not really true, see below). So it is good to remember what did you do at that time.

I just turned into my other side after pushing the Snooze button in my iPhone.

And you?

Update: Actually I should have been written 9:9 9.9.9, because it is more unique, and the next similar time is going to be 11:11 11.11.11, and that's going to be the last probably in our lifetime.


  1. Yes, I spent this special moment in the bed too, with You! :)

  2. Hm, what a surprise: I was sleeping, too. With my Balazs on my side :-D

  3. Why do you assume our life expectancy is so short?
    10.10 10.10.10 is not that far into the future.

  4. @Sorin: Well, your point is right. You still have three more funny occasions like that. But it will be memorable for at least a year. :)

    @Eszter: :)) Probably 10:10 10.10.10 will be more interesting for us. :)

  5. I was sleeping, too. With Balazs. Just kidding. :)

    I figure I've spent that special moment in the bathroom...

  6. @Gergő: OK, thanks, no more details needed. :)