Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Business website and personal email with Network Solutions

This is a guest post by David Jackson from TotalMarketing.com.

Starting a website for your business can be a tricky process. However, if you decide to work through a professional website hosting company such as Network Solutions, the process can become a lot more simple, and your website will look all the more professional. You will be able to purchase a legitimate domain name upon which to build your site, and from there you can create just about any type of website you want to, with all of the features that you deem necessary or helpful. One thing that you may want to consider among these features is setting up a personalized email account that coincides with your business and its new website.

What this means is that rather than trying to run a business online and using your private email account (for example, myemail@gmail.com), you will become the owner of an email account that coincides directly with your business (something like myemail@mybusiness.com, for example). This gains you instant credibility in the eyes of your website’s visitors and those you do business with, as it simply provides you with a more professional image, and also helps to separate your private life from your business life. With an email account that exactly matches your business site’s domain name, you will simply be taken more seriously, and you will have a separate email account for all of your business concerns.

You can also feel good about your business email account as a reliable and hassle-free management system for your business-related emails. To begin with, your account format will be easy to manage. Additionally, however, you can set up the highest levels of virus and spam protection, meaning that your account will remain free of the annoyances of spammers or hackers. You will not receive emails that you won’t need, or that aren’t directly connected to your business dealings.

Securing an email address that matches your business domain is just one of the many perks offered by professional web hosting companies when it comes to setting up a site for your small business. With just a little work and a few small fees, you will be able to set up a site that is both professional and interactive, allowing you to run a thorough and legitimate business online. In the end, the benefits you pay for are up to you, but it is beyond a doubt that a professional web hosting company can help you to build a site you and your business can be proud of.

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