Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunset at the beach

One evening we headed towards Clearwater Beach. We parked the Mustang ("Mustang? What Mustang?" - you might ask. Well, I'll probably talk about that later), and went to the shore.

The water was pretty warm, Andi enjoyed it very much:


At the sea

The sunset was beautiful, we saw rays coming through the clouds. When I took shots of the Sun, I got these kind of sepia-like photos. This style reflects the humid and hot weather:


Here the sun almost went down entirely. I would have been happy to have a 70-200 with me, this is all the quality I had with a 24-105: I had to crop, this is 1/4 of the original photo:

Last minutes

Later, the Sun disappeared behind the horizon, but its rays were still visible. This painted the sky to more bluish (at least this is how the camera set the white balance), as you can see it in the following photos.

In this shot on the left, you can see Pier 60:

After sunset

Photo from the pier:

Red sky

This place is busy even at and after sunset. There are street musicians, street performers, craftsmen every day. This event is called "Sunsets at Pier 60", it is actually a "daily festival", which happens around the time of sunset (whether permitting) and they even have a webpage:

As I progress with the photos from Florida, I'll post some more.



  1. Oh, gyönyörű!!! I wanna go back!!!
    Meg ne legyek ilyen lusta, és rakjam fel én is a sok szép clearwateres képemet...

  2. :))) Bizony, szép! Hát, rakd fel őket, kíváncsian várom! :)