Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunset at the top of Fort Harrison

We've arrived back to Zürich after a couple weeks of Florida, and I started to look at the photos we made.

In the first days, we went up to the top of the hotel, to see the view and see the sunset.

The following photos are made there:

Sunset behind Clearwater Beach

This photo was taken after sunset. The sun already set behind Clearwater Beach, but it painted a beautiful sky.


I made this long-exposure shot with a tripod, I liked the pattern that the light draws, and the color of the sky. (The signature is on the wrong side, I'll replace this photo once I get back my Pro account :) Update: Done. :) ).


The shadows were really nice here, plus the color of the sky was still beautiful. The idea of the photo is coming from Andi, but the execution was mine. Another interesting fact about this shot is that I did not adjust the saturation at all.

More photos coming as I have some time to process them!


  1. Awesome!!! Beautiful captures, colors. Especially like the composition of the third one.
    Your pics remind me to share some of my photos from the same place...