Monday, November 9, 2009

Emaily 0.2.1: Easier to use email sending in Wave #emaily #googlewave #wave

This weekend was pretty busy in the Emaily world!

Christophe and me also worked on things, and we incorporated the first change from Karan, too. Some of them you can see already, some of them are coming in the next week(s)!

The biggest news is that you don't need to manually encode the email address anymore if you want to send an email to someone with Emaily.

Here is how to use Emaily now:
  • Add to your contact list.
  • Click on the contact entry, select "New Wave".
  • It will create a new wave with you and Emaily in it.
  • The robot will add a blip at the end of the Wave, and an input box where you can add email participants with their email address. It will do the hard work for you to convert their email address to Wave participants. No more manual work. You will see that the new recipients will show up in the recipients list.
  • After you finished, you can leave the blip as is, or you can even remove it.
Features to come in the next releases:
  • Make Emaily an extension: how about a "New Email" button to make things even easier?
  • Threading: do you want the answers in the same wave as you sent the first email from? We want that, too!


  1. Is there a way to get the waveid as a response message when you send an email? I´m thinking about a webapp that sends emails to the emaily address and then shows the waves that were created by selecting or clicking on a multirecord.

  2. I thought Wave was a re-implementation of email, something better than email! You have it backwards.

  3. Wave is different than email, but many people would like to communicate from the Wave to email users.

    I just want interoperability between the two systems.