Monday, November 30, 2009

New #Emaily release: 0.3 - manual send, incoming email threading, new participant icon. #googlewave #wave

Finally, Emaily 0.3 and some long-awaited changes are ready! In the last month, we have improved Emaily by:
  • Adding the possibility of manual sending (blip-by-blip, no automatic emails). You just have to uncheck the "Automatic send" checkbox, and in the new or edited blips, a "Send" button will appear. By clicking it, it will initiate the email sending.
  • Fixing the bug with accented, cyrillic, chinese, etc. (not plain US) e-mail subject encoding problem. (now you'll see "УРА, работает" instead of "???, ????????").
  • Support for threading of incoming emails. Your emails will appear as a new blip if they are answered by the email recipients. They won't always open new waves from now. (Credits for this goes to Christophe!)
  • Changing icon for email participants (to make it easier for you to distinguish email recipients from the robot itself). Note, that it is not the final icon, but better than the previous one.
  • Reduced the database and CPU usage of emaily when you have multiple email users on a wave.
Please take a look at the open issues page, vote for your favorite feature (or bug), and then they'll be implemented/fixed earlier.

We know that Emaily is still in an early stage, there are some missing features which we would like to address. There are also known issues, especially sometimes strange participants appear in the waves which Emaily creates (vote for this bug here).

Besides these, we have plans for improvements, too:
  • Adding the possibility to autocomplete email addresses from the user's addressbook. This is not that easy that it seems (vote for this here).
  • Add HTML email support for receiving and for sending also (vote for this here).
  • Add attachment sending/receiving (vote for this here).
If you did not find your favorite feature or you encountered a bug, please open a new issue.

We express our deeeeeeep gratitude to all who helped us in finding bugs and using Emaily. Guys, without you we would not have had such progress! Thanks all of you and keep going!

Enjoy using Emaily!

Best regards,

Guru & Balázs
representing the Emaily team.


  1. Hi,
    thanks for doing a great job on your robot.

    Daniel Graversen

  2. Thanks for this great robot! To use this new version, I just need to add the robot to a wave?

    Also, what is the delay before an email is sent. I tried a few minutes ago and I haven't got the email yet.

  3. Yes, you just need to add the robot to the wave, and add some recipients by the input box it adds.

    Please note, that you have to edit the blip AFTER you added the recipients. If you pressed the "Done" button, it takes about 1-2 minutes to send the email, though sometimes appengine delays them somehow. It happened that one had to wait for 20-30 minutes sometimes...