Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Emaily stability fixes, ~6000 email per day, Sydney

Since the release of Emaily 0.3, the usage skyrocketed. On the Monday after Thanksgiving, many people started to use it. As I am writing now, it is expected to send out about 6000 emails per day.

When I first reported that Emaily sends out 1500 emails per day that number was wrong, the real number was much lower. The cause of the false report was a software bug, which tried to send an email in every minute, but it failed and it counted as email sending. When I fixed the bug, the daily number fell to ~300. But now, the 6000 seems to be a real number, as no bugs are known which is about resending. :)

In the last days, we made a lot of efforts to stabilize the system. We got many concurrency-related errors, some people complained about duplicated waves from emails, etc. Now it seems that the most severe problems are solved, we got barely a few errors because of the underlying datastore, nothing else.

The focus of the near future is to refine the send and receive logic (how exactly we will add recipients to the blips, wavelets), fix how a new incoming email appears, fix of resending the arrived blip to the sender, etc. Soon you'll see changes for these.

From next week, I'll be in Sydney and work with the Google Wave team to make Emaily and Google Wave better. Are you interested? Just stay tuned!


  1. Hi Dlux
    I'm Mousse from France, following your experiences with gwave.
    Have you found something in Sydney ?

  2. Hey Mousse,

    Yes, definitely. I'll write a blog post about the future of emaily after our first weekly meeting on Thursday! Exciting things are happening! :)