Friday, June 12, 2009

I couldn't imagine that anyone would miss my old site with my very old hacks. But it happened!

I am moving out of my server, and I started to transfer the projects from that site to Google Code and Google Sites. I started it last weekend, but due to time constraints, I could not finish that, so I just created 5 projects in Google Code, plus I created the site for them. I wanted to finish during the week, but I could not manage to have time for that. I am always busy on weekdays, so it is anyway impossible to do any constructive thing, I don't even have time for blogging, so you'll got everything at the weekend. :)

But back to the story: I got an email recently that someone misses drsync. It is linked from the rsync resources page, and he was surprised that it is not there. I still did not move it to the new hacks page, so I pointed him to the old site.

The moral of the story: surprisingly some people are interested in my pretty old work, so it worth saving them. :)

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