Monday, June 1, 2009

Promise is promise - Shooting Dóri at Nemzeti

It was quite some time ago when I was in Hungary (exactly one month), but I still did not have time to look at the photos I took with Dóri.

The story of this is that I promised her many months ago that I'd make some photos of her, but somehow I did not have the time. When I was almost at the stage of losing my credibility, I suddenly had the opportunity for this.

I did not have my Cactus V4 triggers yet, and I knew that infra would not work, so that I borrowed an SB26 from Ákos, which can work as an optical slave. He also asked if I need another flash, but I said that'd be OK. Well, I regreted a little that I did not accept the offer, because one flash was not really enough sometimes as you can see from the photos.

Ok, but where to go to shoot? We discussed the potential places for shooting, and it turned out that Nemzeti would be good.

It was about 8pm when we started, the wind was pretty heavy, and the sun was almost totally down. It was pretty late.

I had a white shoot-through umbrella with the SB26 set to optical slave, plus I had an 580 EX II on my camera to trigger that. Later, when the sun went down, they turned on the reflectors, and they had some orange-ish light, so I put CTO to the flash to balance it. After that I had one reflector and one flash, so it worked out pretty well, but I could use another flash for backlight. You can see that her dark hair is not distinguishable from the background in some photos.

We were there until 10pm, where they started the sprinklers, and we had to rescue all the equipment from the water. :)

After looking at the photos, I am very satisfied with them, and found a few really good ones. If I have to redo this, I would use wireless triggers with my flashes, and I'd start 1-2 hours earlier, because that time of the sunset gives a lot of possibility.

I now uploaded only 3 photos of the set, but I'll gradually add more. Check back to here later for more:

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