Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quinten, part 1

On the last weekend, we went to Quinten. It was a very interesting hike, it was not too difficult, but the rain and the scheduling made it slightly more complicated than we thought originally. :)

I don't want to tell the whole story now, I just uploaded a few photos to flickr from the tour.

The first photo was taken in Weesen, next to the train station, we left the car there. The weather was totally beautiful. I am very happy about my Manfrotto 725b tripod, I could close the aperture (f/14) and make the landscapes sharp. Note, that this shot is not HDR:

Swiss nature, Weesen

On the way, we've encountered a few tunnels, and the lights inside was really nice, so we decided to play with them. Here is Andi frozen for 1 sec. The lighting is entirely natural, it came from a hole in the side of the tunnel. (I forgot to remove the polar-filter, aaaargh):

Andi in the tunnel

Going further, when the road narrowed and we left the houses behind us, we've found a nice creek crossing our way. In this situation, the wide-angle lens was very handy:

Creek in the forest

Going just a few meters away, we've found a small waterfall. It was pretty dark here, so I could not do anything without the tripod. I think these long-exposure shots happens to be pretty good:

Waterfall in the forest 1

The wide angle version:

Waterfall in the forest 2

That's all for now, this was just a teaser. Stay tuned for the second part. :)

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