Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quinten, part 2

Ok, now I have a little more time to tell the story of our Quinten trip.

Last year we had a trip to Quinten, but at 1/3 of the route, it started raining very heavily, so we had to turn back.

A few weeks ago my friends also started a trip to Quinten, but they also turned back because of the rain.

After these two incidents, this hiking destination seems to be unreachable and unconquestable.

The main important things about Quinten (from Wikipedia):
Quinten is an idyllic hamlet situated on the north shore of the Walensee in Switzerland. It belongs to the municipality of Quarten. As there are no roads leading to Quinten it is only reachable by boat or on foot.
According to this source, Quinten has only 41 inhabitants.

The plan was to go to Weesen with car, go to Quinten on foot, take the ship to Murg, go back to Weesen with train, and then go home. It was part of the plan not to departure early, since the best photos can be taken in the dusk.

That was enough for background, the photos themselves will tell the rest of the story, so click on the photo to continue:

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