Sunday, June 28, 2009

The new

Executive summary: New on less content, more pointers.

In details: I did not really update my site in the last years. It was made with Apple's iWeb, I had a lot of problems with that in the beginning (in Hungarian), and maintaining the site with that tool was a little bit of hassle.

Since then, the net evolved a lot (web2.0), so instead publishing new content to this site, I decided to use other sites, so that I have less content on this site and more content all around the web: my blog, my flickr page, facebook, twitter, etc.

I also added a link to my hacks page, which contains some open-source software.

I removed links to my old and outdated blogs, too. Here are the last links to them:
Now it is going to be OK for another few years, until web 3.0. :)

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